Get Organized for the Move: Preparation for Before and After Switching Homes

Buying a new home is one of the most exciting milestones in your life. It’s important to coordinate which items need to be moved, who is going to move them, and what should be left behind.

Determine the essentials
We all tend to hang on to things a little too long – whether it is old clothes we think we’ll wear again or an appliance that is never used. Taking the time to declutter can pay dividends. Organize and pack the items you can’t live without, and then determine how many helping hands, or what size moving truck you will need.

Color-coordinated packing
A handy tip is to label boxes by room. Consider creating a legend and designating a color for each room. This way, regardless of who is carrying boxes in, they will end up in the right spot. Then, all you need to do is unpack and organize room by room – making the process feel more manageable.

Call the movers
Determine which items you can take via your own vehicle and which larger, heavier items you will need assistance with. If the washer and dryer are on your list and you only have a midsize sedan at your disposal – call a professional. Research moving companies, ask neighbors for recommendations, etc.

Organizing your new home
Now that everything is packed up and ready to go, the inevitable unload and move-in is looming. Regardless of size, adequate storage options are vital for organizing your new home. Wall shelves or nifty, spacious add-ons can really help. You can rely on products like MasterSuite® from ClosetMaid® – customizable closet systems installed to your specifications.

Storage for every room
People often designate one or two sections of their house for all things storage. What starts out as an efficient stash of belongings can become more of a cluttered mess. From the day you move in, finding ways to arrange items by room will help systematize your daily routine.

Products like ExpressShelf™ from ClosetMaid provide a fast and affordable, scratch- and impact-resistant pre-finished melamine shelf-and-rod system that is applicable to any room. For instance, it can be installed above the washer and dryer to store linens, detergent, or cleaners. For the kitchen, use products like this in the pantry to keep small appliances, store pantry items, and organize other cookware.

Having a professional quickly install more efficient shelving can open up valuable floor space and allow for easy access to items. Organization is more than just a tidy home – it can provide great stress relief and improved productivity.

Toll Brothers’ vendor partner ClosetMaid contributed to this story.

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