3 Tips to Have a Stress-Free New Home Search When Relocating

Congratulations! You just captured your dream job and it requires you to relocate. You are thrilled to start your new job, but the uncertainty about your family’s living situation in your new location can be stressful. Now is the time to be excited for a new chapter in your life, and keep the stress at a minimum.

The answer lies in finding the dream new construction home that will be ready in time for your big move. Take a look at quick delivery homes. These are new homes in varying phases of construction in nearly every Toll Brothers community, and they’re available for sale.

Set a radius

Consider where you’re moving carefully. Access to commuter routes and great schools can make a world of difference for you and your family. Narrow the area(s) that work down to a radius and stay within it when searching for a home. Toll Brothers builds in some of the most sought-after areas across the country, so you can check TollBrothers.com when you’ve decided on your radius.

Set your timeline

You know when you’ll be starting your new job, so finding a home that fits your timeline can be a challenge, especially if you want a new construction home. With a quick delivery home, you can find architecturally finished homes awaiting your personal touch, or move-in ready homes already finished from top to bottom. Either way, you can be sure Toll Brothers has built the home to its always high standard.

Set the bar

A relocation may mean you need to move, but it doesn’t mean you need to settle for a home that doesn’t suit your family and your lifestyle. When Toll Brothers searches for areas to build its communities, we focus on up-and-coming neighborhoods and desirable city centers. Because of this, you won’t have to worry about finding a desirable and safe location in your new, unchartered territory because we only build in the most suitable spots, create exceptional communities, and build beautifully crafted homes.

Choosing a quick delivery home is also ideal because of the convenience and simplicity of the home buying experience from sales agreement, to mortgage, to closing. We take pride in how easy our home buying experience is for our buyers, and with a quick delivery home you can quickly move into your new home in a few weeks or months.

To learn more about quick delivery homes, visit here.

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