Our Top 5 Essentials to Make Your Wedding a Piece of Cake

Spring has sprung and summer is just around the corner. This can only mean one thing: wedding season has officially begun! If wedding invitations have taken over your refrigerator, you’ve been asked to participate in someone else’s nuptials, or you’re planning a wedding of your own, we’ve compiled a list of the top five wedding etiquette essentials to help you organize for the big day. Experts Lisa Richey from Manners To Go and Renee Patrone from Events by Renee walk us through a few concepts to consider to help eliminate a few of your wedding etiquette or planning doubts.

Destination Weddings 

Destination weddings are an excellent opportunity for you and your guests to spend time in a beautiful vacation spot while you celebrate your exciting milestone. There are, however, a few things to keep in mind to manage your own expectations as you make your plan.  Some guests may not be able to attend your wedding due to finances, schedule conflicts, or an inability to travel. Communication with vendors likely will be done over Skype or email, especially if the wedding is to take place in a different country. It’s important to have a good understanding of what is offered and what can be reasonably executed by the local team before you commit to an overseas wedding.

Be sure to provide plenty of information early on so that your family and friends can start planning for the trip, including booking flights and lodging. If they do attend, prepare a care package for their stay, including information on local places of interest, sunscreen, or any other personal items that may provide comfort or add something special to their trip.

All factors considered, destination weddings are an incredible option. Toll Brothers Golf and Country Clubs offer some of the best locations across the country. Hosting your celebration here will make your big day one your guests will never forget. See everything that Toll Brothers Golf and Country Clubs have to offer by visiting here.


If you’re registering for your own wedding, make sure to include a range of price points to put less pressure on your invitees. Select meaningful items that will hold a purpose in your new life, rather than objects you may not need. Since most guests will bring gifts that were listed on the registry, give yourself time to converse with them to convey your appreciation.

It is strongly recommended that within three months of receiving a gift that you write a hand-written thank you card. Experts recommend including a personalized greeting, a mention of the present, how you plan on using it, and your appreciation of them for attending your bridal shower or wedding. Read about various thank you card styles here.


Delicious dishes that keep guests full and happy throughout the event are staples of a great celebration. If you’re hosting, remember to include your vendors such as photographers, videographers, planners, and musicians in your catering headcount. Typically, the day can be long, lasting anywhere from 5 to 15 hours for these vendors. It is polite to serve them a meal, as they are guests too, even if it is in a different capacity.

Seating Arrangements 

When you develop seating arrangements for the wedding, put yourself in your guests’ shoes. Who would they get along with or enjoy conversing with? If you are stuck, experts recommend organizing your seating chart based on relationship status, commonalities, or friendships.

Toasts and Speeches 

If you are tasked with presenting kind words to the newlyweds, don’t be afraid to be creative. Traditionally, the best man and the maid of honor deliver speeches to welcome guests and congratulate the newlywed couple; the parents of the bride and the groom may also offer a speech.

According to our experts, a creative take on your address can include a poetry reading, an interpretive dance, skits, or a fun slideshow. Every wedding is different, but try to cap your speech at five minutes.

If you are searching for the perfect wedding venue or you’ve already selected one of our Toll Brothers Golf and Country Clubs, our experts are ready to help you coordinate for the details of your big day. Visit our Pinterest board for photos of our Toll Golf Country Clubs or visit here to contact one of our clubs today.

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