Top Packing Essentials For General Travels and Weekend Getaways

With weekend trips and monthly getaways just around the corner, the burden of packing can be daunting. Whether you’re spending a day at the beach, taking a trip to Disney, touring the Caribbean on a yacht, or visiting your summer home, prepping and staying organized is key. It doesn’t matter if you’re traveling to a new destination or headed for a weekend trip to a beloved spot, we’ll help you have your bags packed and ready in no time! Here are a few essentials for your present and future travels.

Pack your outfits.

Plan out activities for your weekender or ten-day vacation and coordinate your outfits to match. Are you walking through crowded streets or lounging in suave establishments? A general rule of thumb is to pack neutrals and shoes that fit both the activity and the climate. Do you tend to overpack? Pack one outfit per day as a minimum and spice up your selection with extra pieces if there’s space. Organized Living’s freedomRail valet rod is an excellent tool for organizing your outfits, and if you need assistance with what to pack, read Eagle Creek’s Ultimate Travel Packing List.

Double check that everyone is ready to go.

Traveling with younger children can sometimes pose challenges. Get the kids involved by creating a mini-packing list of all their essentials. Keep them engaged by having them check off each item as they place it into their suitcase. Go over packing techniques and answer any questions they may have. By including them in the process they’ll have everything they need, and you can leave your home in an organized fashion. See our kids’ carry-on checklist here.


Prepare your security system.

Shut the door, turn the lock, and trigger the security system. Leave home knowing it’ll be as you left it when you return. TBI Smart Home Solutions offers Toll Brothers homeowners top monitoring services and a high-tech security system that includes video streaming services, wireless connectivity, energy insights, and entertainment capabilities.

Is your pet at home with a sitter? Capture 24/7 video and check on your fur baby on demand. Are you anxious about break-ins? Automatically schedule your indoor or outdoor lights to illuminate and deter any unsavory characters. Enjoy a hassle-free vacation with the peace of mind that your home will be monitored and secure while you’re away. Read our article on Iconic Innovations for more features for your 2018 Toll Brothers home.

Whether a journey abroad or just a 2-hour road trip, you shouldn’t stress about taking that dream vacation. For more information on designing your ideal Toll Brothers home visit our website. To learn more about Organized Living’s freedomRail closet system visit Organized Living’s Online Design Tool.


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